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. thank you very much. secretary john kerry is over in ukraine. president obama says he won't go to the g 8 and he spoke spoke to angela merkel. lots is going on in this story. but awful lot is going on in the ground there. thank you. >> there is no question this showdown with russia is dangerous. john mccain believes the the war is over but putin does not. senator mccain joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you. i believe it because president obama r. president obama said 20 years ago the cold war ended. he said to medvedev tell val valentine's vladimir putin when i'm elected i will be more flexible. we are paying a very very heavy price for it. >> what do you think president putin is thinking tonight and what do you think that president obama is thinking tonight? >> i think that vladimir is thinking i got what i wanted crimea. by the way russia signed a treaty in 1994 guaranteeing crimea's territorial integrity as part of ukraine. but he is feeling good. he now is deciding how much of eastern ukraine he is going to cause problems in that really is something that we can't be really sure
in there. secretary kerry and others have made that perfectly clear. but at this point, putin either isn't listening or has his own agenda or both. >> thanki you for staying up late. >> reporter: you bet. >>> now new questions about how much the white house really knew about kathleen sebelius's fund-raising for obamacare. secretary sebelius is going outside to raise funds for >> right. >> did the white house know about it? >> that's the question. what there was an uproar, republicans were saying this is illegal, this is outrageous. the white house said we did not sign off on it, but we generally were aware of it. but the information i've obtained. >> freedom of information act. >> exactly. it shows new information about whether the white house was being truthful that they genuinely knew about it. also whether sebelius was being truthful in that she was just soliciting agencies that the hhs does not regulate. >> they're dragging their feet, and i take they've blackened out, redacted. you don't get all the information. that's routine and very annoying. i hate that there's n
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)